Rot In Pus / Deathguy [New CD] [Import] [0949010 (ID2107591020315)]

輸入盤(0949010, I Scream Music, Thailand, 2006)。タイバンコク出身ブルータル・デス・メタル・バンド DEATHGUY のベスト&音源集。過去のアルバムやスプリット、EPからの曲やデモ、ライブ等16曲収録。

Track 1-3 from "Siamese Brutalism Assault!!" (split 2005)
Track 4 from "Concentrate The Annihilation" (album 2004)
Track 5 special demo
Track 6-9 recorded live in Singapore
Track 10 re-recorded track from"The Legend of Romancer" (album 2002)
Track 11-15 from "Introduction" (ep 1998)
Track 16 reharsal, jam

Rot In Pus / Deathguy [New CD] [Import] [0949010 (ID2107591020315)]

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